so very beautiful Mark......thank you for sharing with the world.


Mark, amazing. I loved this piece. I was going to highlight a couple of lines that I particularly enjoyed but after rereading it I discovered that no line is better than any other, they are all equally breathtaking.
Great work!

Also, that bottle of wine was spectacular, very smooth and enjoyable. Thank you so much for everything Mark!

the king of erotica
What can I say, you already kno its good and powerful. Love is like just too sour for me to be rational right now. Much love


you must take me all
if you want my heart

This is me...take it or leave it...
I'm not going to change for you!

Beautifully written, my friend.

poets passion

you want to love me in pieces
but i don't come in parts
enough said...:)


You are so right. We all go through trying to change people. I sometimes think it is because we stop liking them the way they are, or we don't like what they have become. Your piece is a solid message and reminder that all the little things about a person is what equals the whole person. I really enjoyed that piece.... so are you going to read my latest post or not? You know I write for you...hehehe... Loved your piece. Keep them coming.

woman-of-poems be accepted for all of who
you are is to be loved~!

your poem is beautiful,

love k


my favorite part was
"you want to love me in pieces
but i don't come in parts"

it sounds so true. like its part of a life story of broken hearts and second chances. i enjoyed it.