poets passion

"i am every color
your favorite is blue"
my fav. line cause mine is purple

mark is deep


you leave me speechless
a near impossibility

thank you

woman of
..most of the time being true
to yourself is the honesty your
mate is looking for...

..you can laugh together afterwards..
and, yes!..honesty tears down walls.

love k


'i flow like a spirit
you weigh like a rock'

i like the paradox in your work..


yr poems are great mark..
u should consider getting it published!


That's awesome mark...
Kinda cute to me.. & you got an attitude there.. Love it! :)
I really enjoy the last phrase too..
Keep on believing... p(")q



Wow, great piece Mark!
'i flow like a spirit
you weigh like a rock'
Those lines are amazing.
Keep up the good work!


Cool poem, very interesting.
I really love these lines ::
you like to watch
so let me spin
in a moment or two
i'll enjoy your grin