Really love this phrase... :)

"you are my lover my own sacred friend..."

LOve is about friendship that should be sacred & holy... & be
cherished through all our live.. but no one can really understand
that... unless he/she is the chosen one, isn't it? it's a gift from above..
it is a beautiful poem, mark..
truly inspiring...

poets passion

love is something amazing its ashame other won't take the time to feel it.

tacit heart

very passionate and romantic. i always enjoy the sweet words of a love poem.
its soothing and refreshing.

Tacit Heart


I luv this been my favorite so far. got great
talent mark!!


Mark u r truely deep! I'm sure w/ poetry like that ur lover will
always be ur lover! Awesomely sensual!

mark's wife

bravemind, it is very moving. I was tearing up as I read it.


i love it its so pretty