tacit heart

my favorite parts

"begging that someone here
my eyes closed
in the darkness
dancing alone
feeling every beat


"my eyes opened
in love
with the moment
and a long deep kiss"

very awesome. i had to grin at the "p r o c e s s i n g" it was great!! good work



So much for me waiting for a rainy day to read this, huh?! u had me eager to read every next word....very nice. very, very nice


wow, that was VERY nice mark,
i LOVED it!!!
reading your poetry makes me just forget about the world, and i find myself in a different place


the king of erotica

That is so beautiful Mark. OMG that really touched me.


I'm totally awed by every word, i must say.. :)


I love this, Mark...from beginning to end. I love the darkness;
the secretive feeling it burns into my soul, the desire for physical
contact outweighs all else. Excellent write!
peace & hugs


i was riveted from beginning
to end..
the smoke, the heat, the
lust in the air;
the lonely lust for a stranger.

fantastic work!

loved by k


outstanding piece mark, it kept my full attention the entire way through. i felt every emotion and saw every description. perfection.

poets passion

what can i say you truly left my jaw droped to the floor and my mind wondering for more.very well placed mark very well placed

slick secretary

Wow, so beautiful and yet so outgoing. I love it!



This is solid, the opening drew me in and the middle maintained my interest. The format is different for a tale of such, however it keeps the reader moving through the piece without realizing how much they've read. I liked it. Nice work.