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Your wife is a very lucky woman. I love how careful and tender the poem is.


your wife is soooo damned lucky to have u, man.. my birthday's on 30th jan too.. but nobody writes any sweet romantic poem 4 me..=p anyway, wish yr wife happy birthday for me.. tell her everyone born on this date is the coolest person around.. lol! take care..

dj stacy stylez

don't you have a twin brother for me, an uncle, a cuz, a next door neighbor...someone that shares you love, warmth and depth??? You're a rare AND YOUR WIFE and very lucky to have eachother. Happy birthday to her and may you always travel through eternity with this same love and appreciation for one and other. Stay blessed. xoxo


Dear Mark,
That's the most beautiful poem of love that I ever read. :) you're so romantic... !

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Mark.
Wish her all the miracle & magic of love, tenderness & happiness with you through all her life always. ^_^

Much Love,


love is you're words. such eloquence you have Mark. You are a very sensual..spiritual man spills over into your writing...and that makes you a great writer!=) much love to you and you're love this day


"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; while loving someone deeply gives you courage." Lao Tzu Your strenght & courage are a true inspiration!


awww mark, that wuz sweet. i'm sure peggy luved it, can u give eddie sum pointers on how to write poetry LOL =0)


aw, that is beautiful
i bet you'll give her the most wonderful birthday ever


your wife is extremely lucky to have a man who can write so beautifully.....and capture such imagery through the notion of love.

mark's wife


Very sweet, it made me tear up.

I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

want to

aw it was really good i loved it


beautiful mark, i love the imagery.
i can see the two of you standing on a mountain and grabbing hold of a single star, holding a single star together.

nothing is more eternal than the stars, save love.

such pretty words but life's no storybook

I think freedom is based .....and everything in life changes all the time...but no matter how things change there is always love, in evolves but the fact that it's always there gives a sense of security...your poem is such a deep expression of the connection you share with your wife...based on love and the security and freedom it gives


an extremely loving, romantic write.
we should all be as lucky!
happy birthday to mrs. mark :)

poets passion

very sweet


it's like everything you feel love is, in a nutshell. beautiful at the least. a day dream of loves journey's to lands the define love itself. perfect.