I admire your ability to open yourself up and let us look into your
soul. A true artist makes themselves 100% vulnerable....that is
what you are my friend...A true artist! You are amazing! I know
I've said this before....YOU INSPIRE ME!!

you do know deep.. this poem has alot of time in it, alot of life,
and alot of truth like a finger print. it paints a vivid picture. its
very good

fresh and real...

I really enjoyed your words

I didn't notice you had put up a new poem. 'Violent elegance' is
lovely. I agree with another comment, this does seem very
personal, with the immediete narrative quality and the appropriate
list of names.

I like this one because of how personal it is. Yet, I can still relate.
You painted a very interesting picture

I have read a number of poems on your site, there is some very good stuf there. The page is a bit hard for me to grasp, as were to comment what, so this is as an over all. Very good stuf. S

It was a very careful poem, the rythm was deliberate, led along, and in combination with the word choice, made the texture of the words themselves complex and rich. It's a sad poem, but not hopeless. I like it.

..there is no touch as felt
as reality

this piece flows like water, straight from thought to paper.

great write

thee's no place like home....

loved ones are where you love