This made me smile
it sounds like an Eden


Beautiful poem as always, mark.. ^_^
Really love the magic...

sarah loves alex
I like how lighthearted this poem is compared to your others. It really speaks to a certain type of writer. I like the pace too, very engaging, and the occasional ryhme added interest.

ground zero crew

dope stuff....keep on doing it homie


very nice writing, mark. my eyes couln't keep up with the pace my mind wanted to read with...


I loved it Mark!!! The last line was so powerful. You are such a talented writer. Thanks for always inspiring me....Keep writing.


Beautiful write Mark. Excellent portrayal of the ritualistic and euphoric habits of the writer.
Each one of us has our own writing routine that we like to stick to, you captured yours here =)

cayla catastrophe

its amazing mark...its like your saying what all writers want to say, but at the same time, the text is uniquely YOU.



that certainly was a lovely "mystical" walk through your soul Mark.

Beautiful write my friend.

Peace and love always to you too.



wow mark
this is awesome

i truly love this ::
under vanished scars
and old stolen treasures

writing in a mystical journey
set off on one course
end up completely somewhere else

your words always amaze me

peace & love


i love so much in this poem
i don't know where to begin...


love k