sarah loves alex

This is one of your darkest, isn't it? You don't usually go the dark route. I like it though, I like the barefaced imagery.


replete with unfairness
and lopsided love
of insecurity and doubt
and strings
for you
could be loved by a prisoner
without becoming imprisoned....

i love these lines Mark..this is a very emotional piece..its hard not to become imprisoned in someone elses fate..when you love them that much. amazing write=)


you're always brilliant with words, my friend.. 'yet captive
to its breathing' love this one very much... :)


wow, that was pretty intense!
luv ur art hunny!
always a friend...

poets passion

now thats raw


the meanings you put into your poems will never cease to captivate me


dang hun, you TRUELY write incredible. you really do

don't stop updating me
you have such talent


mark...such imagery in here that i needed to read it several times.
the last six lines are it!

peace, love & hugs