that was incredible gosh, i honestly can't pick a favorite now can i?

soule train

good shit, i could try and comment further its just hard to find something to say that would do that poem justice.


it is well with my soul.


very nice, i liked the irony, dark. good job

cayla catastrophe

im not sure what to say, its amazing mark, you do have a way with words...


chillingly sad.
love the depth of your words.
peace, love & hugs


dear mark,
what a perfect meaningful poem yet very cynical in terms of its meaning. we has seen too many wasted death every where today.. and it will always remain in our mind & heart for the rest of our life.. Wish the world would be a more peaceful place to live in.. Great poem as always.. thanks for sharing.

poets passion

makes me feel sad yet i understand it very well very very well

sarah loves alex

Ooh, this is very, very good. You are so talented when it comes to pacing. You can make your poems the perfect length, no more, no less.


remember many little deaths;
and therefore choose life. awesome write~ love k


Very moving piece Mark, very well written :-)

Claire xxx