your 3 words about me unedited thank you

Love, Dark, Friend
Solitude, thoughtful, kind
creative, intelligent, honest
warm-hearted, loving, true/raw, smooth serenity
inspiring, delightful & gentle
you are inspiring. you are uplifting. and you truly are, deep.
unforgettable & loving
(my cousin)
Talented Caring Fabulous!
Love, Wisdom, and Power is your truth
Friendship, Thoughtful, Family
intellectual caring compassionate
intellectual Different caring
(my brother)
1. creative 2. talented 3. friendly
private shadow river
Connecting alive Ready
ur smart, talented, sweet.....and just deep
(my brother's love)
"warmth; comfort; touch"
artistic, imaginative, rhythmical
caring, artistic, dark.
talented, imaginative, a romantic
relaxed natural deeply caring
friendly, outgoing and but most of all a great person to be able to talk to
creative, deep and soulful
connected enchanting real.
never ending umique
nice, humble, creative
passionate, friendly, creative
mysterious, genuine, and kind :)
Mark, you have something beautiful in your soul; a touch of divine that lets you channel the delicate, intricate beauty in nature onto paper