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love forever

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to my lover

if i could
i'd take you by the hand
feeling every finger
begging so to understand

i'd open your hand
and kiss you there
place it on my face
and wonder of your care

i'd kiss you once
and then not stop
our hearts start racing
you guide me on top

i whisper these words
that only you hear
i love you baby
please always be there

i feel your hands
speaking words crystal clearly
saying i love you so much
and i need you so dearly

you are my lover
my own sacred friend
i pray to the gods
our love never ends



is a promise
that grows and doesn't
yet grows when it doesn't
and in every promise
a nucleus

it's easy to love
when you're being loved
love operates
in the absence of love

nothing less can do this


the 45th prick

walking in squares
and speaking funny talk
wearing beads of confusion
the coerced passenger
bares a ticket to Lost
with sights and sounds
his massy machine
was picking up steam

we can stop this trip
quick get the pins
help me fight for my will
we can make my mind still
i will now lay down
what is my name
we must be quick
in the back of my thigh
begin to prick

his war had ensued
he would not win
he would not lose
this time

ow ow! don't stop
owww! god! oh! god! ah!
please do not stoppp! ow!

around the 45th prick
he could feel no more
his stolen senses
were quietly restored
his body had waned
to an audible snore

she looks down at her love
with tears in her eyes
a long breath later
she begins to cry
her tears streamed down
onto her fallen hero


to whom it may concern:

i came
to the disgust
of your realization
that i am free
and you are not
that i can be me
you fear the thought
so don't impede
and do not block
i flow like a spirit
you weigh like a rock
my love endures
somehow you know
push me too far
and shit you will go
i might be a spectacle
to someone like you
i am every color
your favorite is blue
you like to watch
so let me spin
in a moment or two
i'll enjoy your grin

peace-out, bitch


i love to go long :: click

r u s h

i get a hold of them
the bottoms
with my teeth
don't worry you'd survive
witnesses guarantee
teeth opening and closing
on the bottoms of your feet

you could squeeze a few pillows
or beg for your mommy
you could pull me tightly
or blackout once again

just tell me our word
and i'll soon stop
but excited you get
and our word you forgot

in a newborn haze
you're suddenly rushed
offering zero resistance
you feel the crush

you mentally struggle
to remember how to speak
slowly wondering you return
to memories of your feet


never letting go

i walked on bleecker street
at the most perfect times
sultry summer saturday nights
trying to luck up
on something unknown
something new
an intelligent talk
a quiet play
a dinner and drinks
for a secret lay
a perfect exchange
   ...read more - here


i love you

every time
i see your smile
hold you closely
or watch you cry
and every time
when i'm lost and ill
i can feel your hand
reaching out to guide me
even when you're not there
every time
it makes me cry
we own mountains
one called faith
where from the top
we leave our clothes
to climb the stars
admiring from afar
and on the way down
we reach love mountain
with springs and falls
gentle streams and rivers
and caves so warm
filled with closeness
so complete and secure
these things are ours
to have and to hold
together we made them
we are mountains
ours forever


happy birthday baby
there's not enough time
in existance for me to tell you
how much i love you

larry, your new book is as expected-
i love your erotica!
people :: get this book from:
here : amazon.com


can you take me
i come deep
pointed and blunt
do you want me


a part

i remember this
when promises fleet
atop passing butterflies
when promises morph
into pain filled lies
i remember this
a comatose trust
and diseased innocence
i remember this
alive in me


breathing compost

i could smell your compost
see into it as well
your lifeless dreams
still under a spell
laying near death
only half covered
by a last-day tampon
and bare chicken bones
under killed mockingbirds
still screeching of love
still posing as doves
in need of blood
destined with harm
for you
replete with unfairness
and lopsided love
of insecurity and doubt
and strings
for you
could be loved by a prisoner
without becoming imprisoned
yet captive
to its breathing


no more blues

i swam in the bay
without a suit naturally
and a thousand small fish
i sensed scrambling my way
violently piercing the sea
and the air
being chased by a predator
hostile hungry horny blues
in mortal pursuit
and a thousand fish
crash blindly into me
almost all at once
it never hurt
it kinda felt good
like a thousand wet kisses
all at once
still at the rush
the leaving last seconds
you don't want to end
after a few such encounters
it had become my friend
it was so mine
so mine
i couldn't give a damn
about the 10 pound blues
thundering from behind
that coulda ripped my dick off
at almost any time
powerful and intense
pungent and tender
i loved fishing for blues
from my boat and party boats
i've seen an unhappy blue
separate a man from his thumb
a lotta blood
that day
i stopped fishing
when i reeled in a bluefish
i hooked through the eyes
they were gone
sockets empty
i lost control
that day
i couldn't unwitness
what i had done
that something i loved
i'd never love again
never again
never love again
the kids were happy
they got my rods
my jigs and hooks
my 30-pound test
shit i worshiped
fighting the blues


you don't love me when i cry

you don't love me when i cry
when i don't understand
when i want to know why
you want to love me in pieces
but i don't come in parts
you must take me all
if you want my heart
is what i need from you
is what i plan to do
here i am
in trust and in love
both larger than me
and greater than you
if you take my hand
together we'll grow
through unknown fields
of flowers and sunshine
and life's hidden land mines
with all of my heart
and all of my care
my promise to you
i'll always be there

x this i swear



the sucky dream


waiting in pain


sleeping dogs


 she gives me love - friends only, click here

a recent shot


they teach me love
click for larger view
my cat & dog

larger view - here

touch me/love me
click image above

twice removed

it was dark
i was lost and naked
somewhere unknown
and unafraid
in the street
naked & cold

if you find me
please not notice

©2014           (6)

thanks guys (31)

shot this from a bridge   (6)

my Sun, Alex, is my source and reason

i block from my home in nj : i used my 6 year old a sony dsc-s60 here

my mother

         To The Thought That One
         Could Ever Leave-


on a field of condoms and crack vials
victims again of their conspired denials
where their nights are dark
and their days darker
where some choose to conceive
where encoded bruises
are left behind

a quick-fix of love or potions
to relieve discomforts
of hidden emotions
treated once again
with such violent elegance

reduced to a role
a lifeless soul
with so little time
to savor and suffer

they manage to pass
the desperate hours
with naked expression
with shattered hearts

it was left behind
their hysterical society
where they were different
at least to them

please not speak of virtue
as too little would be certain
and please not speak of verdicts
that may return to you

the time goes on
for robert and brigham and evelyn and roger
for alfred and his brother
for billy and his mother
for all once were
so they still are
a part


your heart might break if you click this pic


i shot it when i volunteered at the shelter for a couple of years
(my wife did 8 years of saturdays - many mixed feelings)

me & my camera of choice

squirrel on my deck :: knows how to chill

in the dark

my eyes open slowly
seeing so little
feeling you
in the same place
gathering in the air
the damp of your flesh
lemongrass and sweat
the atlantic and earth
dripping secrets of your core
a lighted white tower
in the quiet of darkness
leering down at me
the night's last dream
always topped with cream
my eyes scale slowly
remarking the inches
surprising my eyes
so ecstatic to see you
your face like a dial
lit up by a touch
with hands all stuck
at timeless seconds
we have lift off
dancing nearing meeting
in the same place
speaking their language
of signs and contact
for the first time
feeling and truthing
clinging gently and firmly
effortlessly to each other
and the truth
in the dark


i am provocative
people that have to cling rigidly
to their beliefs run like hell
when they see me

burning tree :: shot at dawn w/ a nikon fm w/ a tripod & cable release, 20 second exposure - loner shit :: i am a loner, and have learned to love it      (5)


behind a poorly hidden inviting smile
with an indented midsection and a biscuit butt--
early on the rise and calves--slickedy smooth
still awkward in beauty though complete in composition
unable to hide the tremoring fingers
and screaming anticipation
surges of instinct and stampeding excitement
dashed the barriers of consciousness that had
rendered unattended our desperate affections
left incapable of pretending not to know
sacredest territories were suddenly exposed
anonymous desires and unclaimed wishes
met for nourishment and hugs & kisses
a relaxed entrance lined with welcome and
thought filled motions in united isolation
in space rendered undisguised and obvious
with truth and fidelity and unquestioned sincerity
unwithheld sounds of inner excitement
through unchartered passages and internal delightment
we quietly laid in our sacred cuddle
binded by evidence and mingled perspiration
in what was left of our mutual explanation
rich with account and certain in spirit
the rare spare moments in life when we live it

i was in church thinking that when i get home i'm gonna write a sex poem - musta been someone i saw there           (5)

Sun and D-Rad in nyc :: hand held shot       (9)
this is my desktop wallpaper - right click it and do it (set to stretch, not tile).


- from the george washington bridge at 6:45am     (2)

my first play

and of course :: i hit it out of the park ::: not for minors       (1)

mantis on my rake - click pic for better view


i can take it
the west side highway again
tough getting over
the loss of some friends
at happ'ning joints
we sat for hours
swappin pasts and dreams
fast food and sours
and as we grew
one thing we knew
from what we'd been through
and all the care
that in our future
we'd each be there
he moved his lips
he raised his head
the n.y. times said
150 might surely be dead
and then the wonder
paralyzing wonder
the mother and father
of lightning and thunder
in its speed it surely came
sparing none with its blame
shadowy cremations
revealed the shame
i thought i failed
somewhere in our talks
cause i got precautious
early in my walk
with amended realities
i look ahead these days
thanking the powers
i could change my ways
i recall the bounce
of that highway beneath
of all it had meant
and all it could teach

this restaurant was a hot spot in nyc. it's gone now. fuck.       (1)

i was taken by this so i shot it -- hand held        

this guy hung out with me for hours, so i grabbed the sony, set it a half a meter, then went in for the shot
click image for a better view

closing day :: nyc :: uss intrepid      
notice, it appears to be a b&w picture - actually it's shot in color - a very cloudy gray day - i loved it (3)

a shot from my window on olcott rd. - the house burned down with my cat inside - saved myka & other cat though        (3)

baby, there was too much smoke
i couldn't find you
forgive me
an inferno

(fire photos, property of fire department)

find 5 faces and you're as whacked as me
(i created with aluminum foil & light - then shot)larger view


we were taken long before we were ready
through barely lit rooms of horror and pain
where air is shared with unwelcoming scents
bouquets of antiseptic and cancer and the plague
surrounded by shelves up high in rows
candy jars filled with formaldehyde and hearts
tendered most naively then very sharply broken
not once or twice but over and over and over again
and not out of necessity no not out of need
broken for one reason: because they could be
my eyes they burned at every turn
i saw an archway short and narrow
and hit both sides fighting to get through
to the room of remains all open for view
in their clothes saturated not only with them
but with flies and worms and slugs and bugs
and empty boxes for dahmer and manson and his gang
in this room they kept the murdered saints
with a running nose i tried not to breathe
the lights went out so i had to feel
ahead down below to a faint flickering glow
to a forsakened place where angels no longer go
met by escorts we were silently led
through a corridor like life
where souls on fire are just passed by
a telling quiet the only warning
before sounds of air rushing thru their flames
staggering stuns strike long after the pain
not once or twice but over and over and over again
i begged the escorts to help me get back
i wanna go back to nana and the pact
if not for long for just a little while
back to the late late show
the million dollar movie
the overbearing seventies
the harrad experiment and the stepford wives
billy jack and the pam grier flicks
a time when hate seemed to decline
any time in my life that was pre aids
not hard to see this was not gonna be
heard by my ears eyes and soul: depend on us not
we speak only the language of convenience
no longer led we were now being pushed
into a room of memories and primitive senses
the short lived days of incomplete duets
times of promise and times of ignorance
with vanishing images and voices unseen
terrorizing fear recreates the view
up on the wall presented cinematically
were replays of harm and base humiliation
imposed degradation and personal moments of shame
times we wished God was not watching
uncomfortable times when life painfully describes
for us who     we     were      then       then
i was tapped on the shoulder by the Saviour in me
saying wake up wake up do this not for Thee
or was it a necessary or unnecessary torment
for seasons of fallacy and spells of fraud
or for when and why we chose not to see
how the feelings of one affects us all
and the immeasurable value of every soul


click image for closer look


friends - you gotta click these thumbs to see enlargements - daryle, my Sun, & kids - trick or treating see the scale of the tree & the kids - click it !


i raise dough with the wild yeast from these white flowers
i'm such a .....

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i used a nikon here - please see it large & comment

see enlargement

i drive by here - sometimes, i so, need to see this star ::: again, hand held shot       (1)

drew's fifth

my friend's young boy
they named him drew
bares scents of innocence
and sweet kiddie dew

he loves cars and toys
and paints and brushes
with fun and excitement
his perfect smile rushes

he spins his magic
and signatured focus
with thought and love
that's easy to notice

today is his day
and your day too
if you take a moment
you'll see that it's true
happy birthday little hero
we all love you drew

wrote this birthday card for a 5yr. old with autism


8 stitches under band-aid & painful burns, 104.5 fever from infection -- let's do art
color(present) & black&white(past)
god, injured, by his own action or in-action, claims his dead Sun's remains
on easter sunday      


(image above on left is a shadow on the floor - hand/fingers are a shadow too)

click image for enlargement of me         (2)

my first play

and i hit it out of the park ::: not for minors       (1)

do you see me?

if you enjoy pictures - click this one above

nice formations 24 hrs. before hurricane ivan struck
i shot this from the ground but doesn't look so      



my Sun was with me when i shot this - it was beautiful





finding me

i'd love to bathe you
i want you to know
every inch and every toe
from your ankles and legs
to your butterflied part
hoping to find me
somewhere in your heart
around the curves
and through the woods
down your shoulders and back
grasping all of your goods
and when i let go
you'll remember our start
and find yourself there
in all of my heart

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some really great work was lost to a house fire in 2005
but i can smile about it

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bleeding country: iraq - 2007
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obama beats clinton - 2008
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when i reach for my words
they come from deep places
under vanished scars
and old stolen treasures
from slights and pains
and sweet daily pleasures
i sit down with my laptop
then shutout the world
just me and some keys
i do funny things
i drink diet ice tea
then stare at a clock
i silence the phone
and suck on a bone
i like the bottom
i often start there
so my fingers get busy
seeing what's there
a slow poke here
a long stroke there
obeying my desire
moving as i say
i follow and lead
i excuse my conscience
to see the great sea
of every experience
compressed in me
all of my years
each single moment
waiting endlessly
waiting to be
often i smile
sometimes i tear
depends on the moment
depends on the year
i hear the keys
increasing in pace
i follow and lead
they grant me grace
a new line there
i don't analyze
and do not judge
coming with a splash
line after line
until i'm spent
exhausted and done
it's always big fun
to see what i've done
sometimes disbelieving
they came to be
knowing and loving
they'll outlive me